Digital nomads, welcome to
Bosnia and Herzegovina!

DearDigital Nomads,

Are you searching for your next adventure? Bosnia and Herzegovina might have just what you need. We may wait to offer a digital nomad visa, but we do have an easy workaround that is offered to all digital nomads if you are searching for a longer stay. Digital nomads are permitted to register a business in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which would then make them eligible to apply for a temporary residence permit. Do not worry, it is not as complicated as it sounds. The best part is that we want you here, so we are here to help you every step of the way. So come make Bosnia and Herzegovina your temporary home!

3 Steps to Becoming a Digital Nomad in BiH

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90-day visit

Visit BiH on a 90-day tourist visa to experience the culture and what the country has to offer.

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Register a business

Decided you want to extend your visit? Not a problem, we knew you would. Our advice is to connect with Invest in Brčko to get started on registering a business in BiH.

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Apply for a temporary residence permit

Once your business is registered, you can apply for a temporary residence permit. The temporary residence permit would grant you permission to stay in Bosnia and Herzegovina for up to 12 months, and extensions are offered. Invest in Brčko provides services to assist in the temporary residence permit application as well if you may need it. Make sure to start early, as the process can take up to 1 month.

Once you’ve completed the steps you can enjoy Bosnia and Herzegovina for a whole year!



Coffee culture


Assorted climates


Amazing food


Low cost of living


Cultural Heritage

Herzegovina has really surprised me! It's a beautiful region with stunning nature, a rich history and incredibly friendly people. I can see Mostar developing into a great location for digital nomads and I hope to be able to return soon!


Sanne Wesselman

Founder & Editor of Spend Life Traveling

Before I dive into the program in a bit more detail and the amazing work INTERA is doing to make Herzegovina known to the international community, I wanted to talk about why Herzegovina (Mostar specifically) now sits in my most recommended Europe destinations list.


Tim Marting

Co-Founder & COO at Citizen Remote

BiH definitely exceeded my expectations. People were very welcoming and interested in nomads going out of their way to make us feel welcome. It is a very affordable adventure sports and outdoor activities destination right specially for young and active nomads.


Anna Maria Kochanska

Founder of The Remote Impact

Gorgeous nature, delicious food, wine, adventure sports, and friendly locals. It's also affordable, diverse, safe, and a great base to explore the Balkan region. What not to like? I'm already thinking about when to come back.


Samira Holma

CEO of Samira Holma Marketing Consulting

I am incredibly excited for this region and the potential it has to be a wonderful destination for digital nomads. There is a lot on offer and so much to be discovered.


Han Talbot

Company Director of The Remote Life

Codehub in Mostar is part of a small chain of coworking spaces based in Eastern Europe. The Mostar coworking site is small but mighty, with two floors, a glamorous kitchen and snacking area, outdoor terrace and plenty of private call spaces.


Shannon Trimble

SEO & Content Marketer

I will remember my time in Herzegovina very fondly for many years to come. I don't think I've been to any place that has made me feel safe and welcome the way I felt here.


Ghada Ibrahim

Brand Manager of Native Organics

Herzegovina presents itself as an exceptional haven for digital nomads due to its numerous merits. Boasting a robust internet infrastructure, this central European location offers a favorable environment for remote professionals.


Vaidotas Norkus

Business Development Manager of swissmoney

I had an exceptional experience in Herzegovina. The ambiance exudes a remarkable sense of relaxation, while offering a plethora of activities in the surrounding area. The locals are incredibly hospitable and amiable. The internet infrastructure is outstanding.


Lukas Navickas

Global Sales Executive of

Explore your visa options here

Bosnia and Herzegovina does not offer official digital nomads visas, but there are several visa options to extend your stay.

Visa options


A digital nomad is an individual whose job allows them to travel while working rather than having a job that geographically ties them to one place on Earth. Since their work allows them to live a nomadic lifestyle, this requires a job that can be done 100% online: content writing, editing, programming, influence…